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Email :- sales@digisemicon.com


Terms & Conditions

Delivery in 10 -15 days.

Payment in USD only.
100% Advance Payment through Telegraphic Transfer (TT).
Shipping Charges as per country.

All electronic components are stocked in multiple locations like USA, Belgium, Korea, Singapore etc
 IC Semiconductors doesn’t keep stock in India. We do not have any restriction on Minimum Quantity Order. We do not provide consultancy on parts and components.

Please visit manufactures websites and selects suitable parts yourself. Later you can search in our parts database if we can supply these parts.

In India delivery is made by first BludeDart/Flight/Trackon courier 





We offer all types of Electronic components, Modules and Development Kits from over 5000 manufacturers worldwide. We aim to become one stop sourcing shop for all your your Electronic part needs.

We help our customers complete projects in time, complete BOM sourcing and supply. Access to latest innovations as well as low cost parts.


Our Supplies:

ICs, LED, LCD, capacitor, resistor, inductor, transformer, potentiometer, connector, relay, switch, power supply, converter, , test equipment Optoelectronics  electronic, components, distributor, electronic parts, resistor, capacitor, inductor, connector, semiconductor, power supply, integrated circuit, IC, semi, cable, transformer, wire, cable, fan, relay, switch, lcd, led, memory, transistor, diode, heatsink, Tyco, Amp, Amphenol, Fairchild, ST Microelectronics, NTE, Vishay, Siliconix, General Semi, Kingbright, 3m, C&D Technologies, Kemet, Bourns, Dale, keystone, alpha wire, Molex, AVX, Seiko, cde, Murata, Bourns, Bud, hammond, power-sonic, Condor power, Omron, littelfuse, IRC, ITT Cannon, Phoenix Contact, c&k, nichicon, Fluke, Cooper Tools, TI, Atmel, Wiremold Electronics components , connectors , ICs chips semiconductors , electronics  semiconductor, IC, LED, LCD, capacitor, resistor, inductor, transformer, potentiometer, connector, relay, switch, power supply, converter,  test equipment Optoelectrnics,  Optoelectronics, Lamp Holders, Lamps , LCD Displays, LED Displays , LED's , Optoelectronic Components  Semiconductors , Analog IC's, Digital IC's , Diodes & Rectifiers , Memory  , Microprocessors / Microcontrollers , Replacement Semiconductors , Transistors , Unspecified Semiconductors  Passives , Audio & Signal Transformers , Capacitors, Circuit Protection, Encoders & Attenuators, Frequency Control, Inductors & Ferrites Potentiometers & Rheostats, Resistors , Interconnects , Cable & Wire Management , cable Assemblies & Power Cords , Cable Ties , Component Sockets  Connectors , Terminal Blocks , Terminals , Test Points , Tubing & Ducting, Wire & Cable , Electromechanical, Audio Devices Circuit Breakers , Electronic Hardware , Enclosures, Cabinets, Racks & Accessories  Fans & Accessories , Heatsinks , Industrial Controls & Sensors , Knobs & Dials , Relays & I/O Modules , Switches , Power, Battery & Batteries  Battery Holders & Snaps, DC-DC Converters , Power Conditioning , Power Outlet Strips , Power Supplies   Power Transformers , UPS , Test, Tools & Supplies , Chemicals , Component Kits , Prototyping Products  Solder and Soldering Tools , Static Control Products , Test and Measurement , Tools , Undefined , CDE undefined Capacitors  Cherry Electrical Keyboards or Computer Input Devices , Holsworthy , Mallory unspecified Capacitors  Not available To Order , NTE replacement Capacitors , NTE replacement Resistors , Sanyo unspecified Batteries  Vishay/Dale unspecified Resistors , Vishay/Sprague unspecified Capacitors.